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Narnaj is honored by its customers, from the great authenticity of Damascus to the pride and generosity of Amman.

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Naranj is the Sanskrit worked for “orange tree” which has many roots in a large variety of languages meaning Sham or fruit from the Levant Region. Naranj was picked as our brand name for its uniqueness; this word encompasses the unique taste of the food we prepare and also demonstrates that we are a restaurant that strives to offer simple, yet delectable and authentic Syrian and Shammy dishes.

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Naranj Specialties


Naranj Amman presents to its guests with number of specialty dishes where the recipes were taken from all over rural and urban Syria and presented for the first time in a commercial concept with Syrian hospitality.

In Naranj all well-known appetizers are served, most of which are based on the local olive oil. Moreover, a wide selection of Kebabs is available, with the specialties being sour cherry kebab “Kebab Karaz” and eggplant kebab “Kebab Bazinjan”, from Aleppo, in northern Syria. Naranj also serves specialties from the Syrian west coast. The burgul varieties include chickpea burgul “Burgul Bil Hummus” and lamb shank burgul “Burgul Bil Difin”, fish and the famous rice & fish “Sayadiyeh”. From the central region, Naranj brings you smoked eggplant topped with tomato lamb salsa “Batersh”, and from the eastern region, okra stew “Tharood”, while the southern region’s burgul is cooked with concentrated yogurt “Mansaf”, last but not least, from the capital Damascus, Naranj presents you with the boiled kibbeh cooked in yoghurt “kibbeh Labbanieh”


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Naranj Amman is one of our many opened and yet to open branches world wide. It is the perfect place to enjoy traditional pan-oriental food with dishes alive with color, texture and superb flavor. Each bite of any of Naranj dishes tells a different story originating from the heritage of oriental cuisine. From the time the first piece of bread is dipped into one of the myriad unique mezzes we offer till the last piece of dessert is savored, diners are taken on a fascinating culinary journey.


Naranj Restaurant
Abdoon, Irbid Street, Villa No. 6
Amman, Jordan

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